About Mediating

Mediation is a professional and fair resolution technique to aid individuals and groups resolve conflicts. The Conner Law Mediation Center provides an impartial third party mediator to facilitate a confidential process with the disputants and work toward a resolution that all parties agree on. The purpose of mediation is to provide effective communication that defines the issues to be resolved and guide the disputants toward developing options for agreement.

Mediation has been proven to be an effective dispute resolution method that doesn't require a judge or third party. Resolving disputes in mediation enables disputants to define the most important issues and create an outcome that is mutually accepted. The benefits of mediation include:


Through mediation, the delays often involved in legal actions decided by judges can be avoided.


The tremendous amounts of time and resources typically associated with litigation can be saved by choosing mediation.


In mediation, the disputants are able to control the outcome of the resolution rather than depending on a third party to declare the outcome.


Whereas lawsuits are public records, what happens within in a mediation can remain confidential if the disputants agree to confidentiality.


Research shows that the agreements reached through mediation are more likely to be upheld and remain in place compared to adjudicated agreements.

Mediation works because it focuses on providing an opportunity for both parties to resolve a dispute efficiently and move forward.

Mediation is frequently used to resolve disputes in areas including:

  • Business
  • Family
  • Community
  • Personal Injury
  • Public Policies
  • Contracts
  • Real Estate
  • Human Services