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The Conner Law Mediation Center is a neutral facility in southeast Georgia that provides an alternative to litigation through mediation and alternative dispute resolution. We mediate cases in a multitude of areas and varying complexities with the goal of reaching resolution cost effectively and efficiently. We are skilled in resolving disputes in business and commercial law, family law, wills and estates and virtually any other legal area.


Mediation is a professional and fair resolution technique to aid individuals and groups resolve conflicts. The Conner Law Mediation Center provides an impartial third party mediator to facilitate a confidential process with the disputants and work toward a resolution that all parties agree on.

Non-Binding Arbitration
Case Evaluation


Finding the right mediator for your dispute is critical, and there are important steps to take before the mediation process can begin. Regardless of the circumstances, The Conner Law Mediation Center can guide you through creating a mediation agreement that will provide you with an effective and efficient means of reaching resolution. Click to schedule a mediation session or a consultation.


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