Resolution Services

The Conner Law Mediation Center's goal is to produce a mutually agreed upon settlement for the parties involved through a collaborative style in a comfortable environment. Regardless of the complexity of the dispute, The Conner Law Mediation Center has the experience necessary to move the matter forward toward resolution through mediation, non-binding arbitration and case evaluation.

The Conner Law Mediation Center's lead mediator, Mike Conner, is one of the state's most accomplished personal injury and commercial litigation attorneys, and he has the right proportion of experience and and professionalism to guide disputants through even the most complicated disputes.

What we do:


Voluntary, confidential, and affordable process for resolving conflict with the help of a certified professional mediator.

Non-Binding Arbitration

A type of arbitration in which the arbitrator makes a determination of the rights of the parties to the dispute, but this determination is not binding upon them and no enforceable arbitration award is issued.

Case Evaluation

Case evaluation is utilized independently or in conjunction with mediation or any of the collaborative processes. The process examines a dispute, the issues, the positions of the parties as well as the applicable law in order to objectively assess the strengths and weaknesses of the case from each party's perspective. It is a neutral analysis that focuses on the facts, the subject matter that is the context for the dispute and applicable statutes, regulations and case law.